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Understand The Danger Of A Mosquito

Understand The Danger Of A Mosquito

Just as there are many species of plants, there are just as many species of mosquitoes. However do not be fooled by their size-their bites are itchy, and for one or species, fatal.

Now, mosquitoes belong to the Animal Kingdom and are categorized as insects. Many individuals think that mosquitoes are irritating, but they've some usefulness, too.

Only feminine mosquitoes suck blood, but for 2 reasons.

1.) Their mouths have the right shape.

2.) They lay eggs, so they want blood to assist fertilize their eggs.

Male mosquitoes don't suck blood for just the opposite reasons. Instead, they suck nectar from flowers.

However, some mosquitoes are harmful, and their bites are deadly. Let me inform you two examples.

The Andes Mosquito is probably the most harmful mosquito. It spreads deadly ailments around the globe, often called Dengue Fever. An individual with Dengue can have the following symptom:

1.) A high fever lasting for just a few days. (that is all I do know)

The Andes Mosquito only bites only within the day.

The Anopheles Mosquito Tek of Manassas bites solely at night. It causes a disease called Malaria.

These mosquitoes spread when the mosquito(s) get contaminated with the disease and bites another person. Then, another mosquito bites the infected individual and when it bites another particular person, she or he gets contaminated with the disease. The Andes Mosquito will be recognised by the black and white spots on its body.

Though these diseases seem to be unstoppable, we will stop them using mosquito control. Listed below are a number of ways:

1.) Change water in flower pots on alternate days.

2.) Cowl all bamboo holders when not in use.

3.) Flip over all water storage containers.

4.) Most essential of all, ensure water would not collect. Keep in mind! Mosquitoes breed in clear, stagnant water!